Ash Gourd Halwa | Poosanikkai Halwa | Kasi Halwa
Easy and Tasty Halwa

Ash Gourd Halwa | Poosanikkai Halwa | Kasi Halwa

How to make Ash Gourd Halwa\ Poosanikkai Halwa

Ash Gourd halwa is easy to make and very tasty one. You can make it with very less ingredients only. Its my all time favourite Halwa.


  • White Pumpkin or Ash Gourd—1 Kg
  • Brown sugar-1-2 Cups
  • Cardamom Powder-1/2 Teaspoon
  • Cashew nuts (chopped )-as needed
  • Raisins—as needed
  • Ghee-4-6 Tablespoon

Instructions for Ash Gourd Halwa:

  1. Firstly, Remove the skin and cut into small pieces of Ash gourd
  2. Secondly, Wash it. Then add ½ glass of water in cooker and boil all the ash gourd pieces. Just 2 whistles are enough.

Ash Gourd

3.Once it is cool, put into a blender/ mixie and blend to form a Smooth paste. Don’t Add Water.

Poosanikkai boiled

4.Now you have to strain the water completely. I used to Keep that ash gourd puree into a clean cotton cloth and hang it for 30 minutes. Once the water completely drained, I removed from it.

Poosanikkai dry

5.Next measure that ash gourd puree in a glass. Add equal proportion of sugar and water. Prepare sugar jeera.

Suagar Jeera

6.Now slowly add the Ash gourd puree in it, stirring well without lump.

add puree

7.Once its boiled completely, Add 3 Tablespoon of ghee and Cardamom Powder stir continuously.. Cover and cook it for 5 minutes on medium flame.

8.Then Garnish with the Fried Cashew nuts, Raisins.

Ash gourd Halwa

9.Healthy and Tasty sweet/Dessert is ready to Serve.



I never use Refined Products Like Salt, Sugar And Oil. Also I don’t Use Maida, Artificial Colour and Flavours for my Recipes. I Never use Aluminium Utensils and Non Stick and Oven in My Cooking.

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