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Easy Craft In CD

Creative Craft In CD | Easy Wall Decor

Creative Craft in CD

Am going to make phases of Moon in Waste CDs. You can use waste CDs. This CD craft is looks very neat. This recycled CD craft is simple to make. We can make more crafts using CDs. I used very less materials for this craft. This Creative craft in Cd  is beautiful wall hanging. Recycled Cd also a easy Home Décor one.

Materials Required:

  • Waste CD
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Brushes
  • Jute or Thick Woolen Thread
  • Fevicol


1.Firstly, use acrylic paint, paint on a side of Cd. Use White colour is base for all Cds.

Creative Craft in Cd            Recycled Cd

2. Secondly leave it dry for 30 Minutes

3. Thirdly draw using pencil, phases of moon on cd

cd craft

4. Next, Paint that pencil part only using Black colour of Acrylic Paint. Again leave it to 30 Minutes.

5. Finally Take Long Jute or Thick Thread, Paste it back side of all Cds.

6. I also pasted some night glitter stars in the Cd. It is glitter in darkness also. If you don’t have glitters ,just leave it.

7. Then Hang it in the wall.

8. This creative craft in Cd is very unique only. Kids also easily try and make it.

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