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Floating Water Candle

Floating Lamp On Water

Floating Lamp on Water:

This floating lamp is looks very beautiful and unique one. You can make it easily and use it instead of scented Candles. Actually Candles are not good for health. Every one admires about this floating lamp on water.

Materials to be used:

Glass Bowls-2 nos

Wick-2 nos

Small Thick Plastic Sheets-2 nos

Pebbles or Shells

Any Colours (Fabric, Poster or Food Colours)

Any oil-2 Teaspoon



Firstly, Take Two glass Bowls.

Secondly, Fill it with Pebbles and water.

Then, Mix any Colour in that water.

Add one teaspoon of lamp oil or any oil in the center of the Bowl.

Most Importantly, Cut center of the plastic sheet. It must be a very small hole.

Finally add wick in the centre of Plastic Sheet.

Now Light the lamp. Enjoy the Beauty.

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