Healthy Food Habits | Healthy Lifestyle
!0 Amazing Hacks That makes your Healthy Lifestyle Easier

Healthy Food Habits | Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Food Habits| 10 Amazing Hacks makes your Healthy lifestyle Easier:

Healthy Food Habits makes your healthy lifestyle easier. Here I explained 10 Amazing hacks. These are the best eating habits or Healthy Food Habits.

1.Include Astringent and Bitter Tastes in Our Daily Food:

Include All the Tastes in Our Daily Food. There are six tastes. But we almost forgot two tastes. They are Astringent and Bitter. We must include these Two tastes in our daily food. Also, we should take Buttermilk and Ghee Daily. These are helps to improve our Digestion, good HDL cholesterol Production of blood and strengthen bones. Avoid Taking Buttermilk or Curd at Night.

2. Alkaline and Acid Foods:

There are Two types of foods, Alkaline and acid foods. Alkaline foods are millets, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Acid foods are packed and processed foods, soft drinks, dairy products, etc. We should take 75% of alkaline and 25% of acid foods. Alkaline foods are helps to improve our metabolism, immunity and avoid cancer.

3 & 4. Right way of eating Fruits and Vegetables:

If you eat fruits in this way, you will get full benefits of it.

Firstly, Eat Fruits 2 hours before meals or 1 hour after Meals. Avoid taking immediate meals.

Secondly, Take one fruit at a time. Avoid eating mixed fruits at a time.

Thirdly, Eat fruits fully and chew slowly. Avoid taking Juice form.

If you cook and eat vegetables in this way, you will get complete nutrients.

Cook vegetables with skin like carrot, potato, radish etc.

Importantly,Avoid overcooking and storing cooked vegetables in Fridge. Avoid over heating too. If you do like this, you will completely loss the nutrients and benefits.

5. Avoid drinking coffee or tea with meals or immediately after meals.

6. Mostly,Avoid walking and sleeping immediately intake foods. You have to walk before or after an hour of intake food is best.

7. Fold your legs and eat foods:

This is the right way to eat food. If you eat like this, you will get proper blood circulation to upper body especially Heart. It is good for your health.

8. Take more Millet Foods:

I already told Millet food was best alkaline foods. Alkaline foods are improving our digestion and immunity also. However,You should eat the mixed pattern of foods daily in your diet like wheat, Rice, Millet etc

9. Avoid Boiling Sprouts:

Importantly, You should not boil or cook sprouts. If you do like this, Whole nutrition will be completely waste. You must take sprouts like salad.

10. Fasting:

Fasting helps to detox our body naturally. Water fasting is Best for Beginners. Fasting in a monthly twice means our body will be healthy.


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