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Crispy and Crunchy Snack Recipe

How to make Ragi Pakoda | Healthy Evening Snack Recipe

Ragi Pakoda:

Ragi pakoda is a healthy and tasty snack recipe. I used Ragi flour. This snack recipe is very crispy and crunchy. Kids will definitely loving this. Ragi pakoda is easy snack recipe also. Ragi contains more nutrients. It is good for all.


  • Ragi Flour–75g
  • Rice flour—2 Tablespoon
  • Sliced Big Onion-1-2 Nos
  • Red chilli powder–1/4 Tablesppon
  • Roasted groundnut—25g
  • Hot oil- 2 Tablespoons
  • Ginger Paste As needed
  • Curry leaves As needed
  • Salt As needed


  1. Firstly take sliced big onion in a bowl.
  2. Secondly Add red chilli powder, roasted groundnut, curry leaves, salt and gnger paste. Mix well.
  3. Thirdly add hot oil mix well. It gives crispiness to the snack.
  4. Next add ragi and rice flour by hands. Sprinkle water as needed
  5. You should Heat oil in a deep frying pan, on a low flame. Put ragi pakoda into oil until golden colour and remove from oil.
  6. Healthy ragi pakoda is ready to Sesrve.


  1. Add Ragi Flour Based on Sliced Onion. If you add more Ragi flour than onion, it won’t be crispy.
  2. Mix with just one or two teaspoons of water. No more water is needed.

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