How to make Rainbow Paper Spinner
Twirligig-Rainbow paper Spinner Toy

How to make Rainbow Paper Spinner

Rainbow Paper Spinner :

Paper Spinner  is easy to make and interesting one. Kids are love this lot. It looks Beautiful. Am going to teach you in the easiest way. Let’s Start.

Materials to be Used:

  • Quilling Paper-15mm-8 Different Colours
  • Chart paper
  • Bamboo Stick-1
  • Fevicol Glue.

Rainbow Paper Spinner Toy


1.Firstly , cut Chart paper into 4 Small Circles .

2.Secondly, paste Quilling Paper from the centre of that circle.  once pasted All close it with another circle.

Rainbow Paper Spinner Toy         Easy Craft

3. Next paste the another side of the quilling papers in another circle. Finally, close it with one more circle.



4.Most Importantly, insert one bamboo stick in the center of the chart Circles. Paste the Top of the circles with Bamboo Stick.

Rainbow Paper Spinner Toy

5.That’s All. Beautiful Spinner Toy is Ready.


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